An error occurred while updating steam no connection

03-Jun-2016 08:31

- Added: Battleye: Arm A3Sync will automatically add "2 1" parameter if arma3is set as executable location. - Added: Malloc System from Launcher options panel.- Improved: Upload repository will now proceed faster during the checking of remote files.- Fixed: Cannot close a repository tabulation if not at front view.v1.5 update 3 - Added: Detection of incorrect file size transfer.

an error occurred while updating steam no connection-62

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an error occurred while updating steam no connection-55

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ftp:// A3/Arm A3Sync/development/screens/arma3sync_build_options_compress_pbo_- Added: Support for HTTPS transfer protocol for hosting addons repository.- Fixed: Upload repository: FTP error 501 returned when repository upload IP/hostname is setup as upload url (regression from update 1.6) .v1.6 update 1 Fixed: Repository upload speed (regression from update 1.6). Concurrent Modification Exception on repository synchronization. v1.5 update 6 - Added: Addon Priorities: user can now move an addon to the top of the list in one click.- Fixed: FTP transfer may hang at the end of a download with some servers.

- Fixed: Uncompressing may not operate with the last downloaded file for repository built with pbo compressing option and multiple connections enabled.Arm A3Sync is both a launcher and adddons synchronization software for Arm A 3.

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