Dyndns not updating

31-Mar-2016 02:01

dyndns not updating-42

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Kana Dynamic IP Updater version reports the error as an error code and short description of the error.Previous version only reports the short description.Winsock (Windows sockets) is a specification for Microsoft Windows network software, describing how applications can access network services, especially by using TCP/IP.Winsock error in Kana Dynamic IP Updater is an error that occured when the program is accessing network service.

The mail server mail2com has an entirely different IP address and so is likely located remotely from Johns home and perhaps is his backup email server in case of failure of his primary email server com.Kana Dynamic IP Updater uses winsock during update process, specifically: when checking IP (if not using dial-up), and when updating your IP address.If an error occured during this process, mostly the program will report as winsock error.At this time (see the last update date below), the detail about the meaning of the error can be found from MSDN website.

Because this error occurs during the program accesses the network, to solve this error you need to look at whether your network is functioning properly for Kana Dynamic IP Updater.For Kana Dynamic IP Updater, common causes of the error are: After received some reports about the winsock error, we did depth test on the program, and found that mostly that is caused by bad username and password.