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Once an application is done, the school may check it, add references and forward it to Ucas.

Ucas charges a modest fee (£11 for one course, £22 for two or more), paid via the school or the Ucas website.

Anybody know of anything that I can use to stick up my posters that won't leave a mark?

The process can be pretty daunting for a 17-year-old, so be prepared to provide advice and moral support.

Students then receive written acknowledgements from Ucas and sometimes from the universities.

Students wishing to take a gap year can apply for a deferred place (subject to university agreement) but still have to meet the deadlines for the year in which they apply.

It’s worth starting early, jotting down ideas and writing a first draft during the summer holidays.

The deadline for most applications is January 15, 2012 (October 15, 2011, for medicine, dentistry, veterinary subjects and all courses at Oxford and Cambridge; March 24 for some art and design courses).Last year in halls I got charged £60 for blu tack marks on my walls where the posters had been!