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You pay a materials fee of per course, except for high school graduates who have 35 credits or more.In this case the fee is no longer subsidized and you will be required to pay 2 per course.You will benefit from both group and individualized instruction in all courses.

Canadian Mennonite University is a Christian University in the Anabaptist tradition, offering challenging programs and recognized degrees in undergraduate and graduate studies. EDUCATION, EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, COLLEGE, University, Christian, programs, studies, academics,...If you are interested in attaining your Grade 12 diploma or taking pre-requisite courses for College or University entrance, Red River College ~ Steinbach Adult Learning Centre offers a Mature Grade 12 Diploma Program.Steinbach Adult Learning Centre offers high school courses in a variety of subject areas with instructor led blended learning classrooms.All Grade 12 courses may be applied to the Mature Student High School Diploma.

Adult Learning Centre - Winnipeg Steinbach Community Learning Centre Classes are held at the Steinbach Community Learning Centre, Unit 2 - 385 Loewen Blvd.function supports_html5_storage() function get Cookie(dname) function set Cookie(dname) function change Cls Nam(cls Nam) { $('#main').remove Class('regular medium large')Class(cls Nam); $('#top-navigation').remove Class('regular medium large')Class(cls Nam); $('#left-menu').remove Class('regular medium large')Class(cls Nam); $('.