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Alejandro is responsible though Fernando is an alcohol-addict and treats his wife, Julia Montemar like shit.Fernando also raped Gabriella Suarez when she was just a teenager, resulting in a pregnancy and Gabriella’s son, David, who is the spitting image of his father.The name reflects a Spanish term for addressing a person recognized as a main boss.However, the title is also a reflection of both the protagonist and the antagonist's struggle to conquer power, authority and respect in a labor field traditionally deemed to be a man's job.To enjoy, you'll need to enable Java Script in your web browser.Please configure your security software or browser plugins to allow to load Java Script.Gabriella loves her son, David, in spite of the circumstances of his conception.

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Antonia tells Gabriella to look for Tiger in the mine.Gabriella is a young lady who works at the mine amongst the men, a career choice that makes her the target of uncalled for feminist comments from her male co-workers.However, she is knowledgeable of the business as a result of being taught by her father, Tomas Tigre Suarez.Antonia takes over as La Patrona (The Boss) of the mine, and now most powerful figure in the town of San Pedro del Oro.

Her accomplices are Aníbal Villegas, the corrupt senator, Julio Montemar, the mayor of San Pedro, Macario, her right-hand and Lizard, the corrupt chief of police.

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Around those hearths, many stone tools and remnants of spilled seeds, nuts, and berries were found.… continue reading »

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