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17-Jul-2016 00:01

sadlilgrrl ( PM): oh i took tums master and then i took bismuth master sadlilgrrl ( PM): my mom gave it to me master sadlilgrrl ( PM): and fenergan master ( PM): Take another one, nice & hot... sadlilgrrl ( PM): i just dont want to disappoint you master but i dont want to waste your time and im afraid if im throwing up then i wont feel okay and ill disappoint you master ( PM): Well, you know it is up to you, we can delay the meeting until you feel better & you will get 8 punishments, or you can come now & only get three...

sadlilgrrl ( PM): if you dont mind giving me eight punishments master i think i will be able to please you more if we wait master ( PM): As you wish.. In fact I gave up going out to dinner with a friend for you.

sadlilgrrl ( PM): im sorry sadlilgrrl ( PM): i forgot ( PM): Please, ask anyway.

sadlilgrrl ( PM): my friend becca told me that the best way to find out if a guy was what you needed was to check their initials by counting off the numbers and stuff sadlilgrrl ( PM): and im kam sadlilgrrl ( PM): my initials are sadlilgrrl ( PM): can i try it with yorus?

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sadlilgrrl ( PM): well shell call me when she gets to work tomorrow sadlilgrrl ( PM): is there any place i can call you and let you know when im leaving? sadlilgrrl ( PM): shell get there at five and she always calls by five thirty sadlilgrrl ( PM): yes sadlilgrrl ( PM): it makes me feel like ill be safe soon sadlilgrrl ( PM): you know? Well, I want you to understand this, kristen, you will be punished for not showing up on Sunday, a light one, but one never the less...This section of the web site is our social network / profiles area.

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