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20-Jul-2016 18:42

Later that evening, or as time would tell, late night, my friends organized a belated birthday party for me. I had been there exactly once before, after trying to get in over 6 times. After 2 hours or so, my friend dragged me to the bar. “You gotta have one hell of pussy of steel to get a drink like that.” “Dude, let’s try it.

The entire day that I spent in isolation from the world on birthday, I had only one thought that got me through the loneliness and the pressure of impending exam. Ever since I saw a pic of her online wearing a low-cut dress, showing her heavy cleavage, my non-studies thoughts were pretty much limited to the 3 pics. Fast forward to the day of my last exam, I finished it. I laughed like a maniac and pointed it out to my friend.

Her hair covered half an eye, while flowing freely over the contours of her body.

Then, I washed face in the washroom, looked into the mirror and said to myself, “You fucking genius.” I gingerly walked up to Melissa.

My friend finished it and came to an almost passing out stage.

White, nearly thin low-cut dress and a brown belt of some sort.

Still playing with her boobs, she grabbed onto my hair again.

I licked and kissed all around Melissa’s cunt, while grabbed her soft ass for toying and support. I licked then slowly from above her knee to the edge of her pussy. Way better.” Me: “Why would she send someone to me with expectations?!

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Next thing I think I know, was a hand flying at me, and “PHAT! But it turns out that the lady I thought that I imagined was an actual Melissa Benoist. She stormed off to an empty seat the corner of the bar and drank her Supergirl. It seemed as if she hated herself for making a bad choice. MB: “So, care to tell me what the heck was that about? Only thing that kept me sane was seeing your pics the day before, wearing this exact same dress. ” MB: “You know, for a guy who spent his birthday between pages of books instead of between legs of girl, you sure did make one hell of a guess.

The moment I felt her ass with my groin, I rubbed it. While I was trying to undress her, she was trying to rip my clothes off me. I broke the kiss and whispered, “I wanna Titty Fuck you so badly.” She gave me wicked smile and said, “As you wish. I placed my dick in her cleavage and squeezed her boobs. Then, I kissed her cheek, ear and neck, while hugging her. I took a bomb I’m my mouth and toyed it with my tongue while doing the same for the other with one hand and Hold in her sexy waist with the other hand. She came, and she came, and she came, like a dirty little whore who hadn’t had any in a while. Slowly, Melissa loosened her grip on me, then sat on the floor, with her legs spread open.